What is Deep Root Fertilization?

Deep root fertilization helps restore trees, shrubs, palms, or any other plants that are declining in health. This type of fertilization involves releasing fertilizer deep in the soil near the tree’s roots giving the tree direct access to the nutrients in the fertilizer. Why do we need to Fertilize? Conventional yard care includes raking up […]

How to get your property ready for hurricane season

how to get your property ready for hurricane season

As hurricane season approaches, it is to ask yourself, am I ready? How do I prepare my trees and yard for the upcoming storms? Hurricane season can be devastating to properties if the proper precautions are not taken. Understanding how and when to start preparing for hurricane season can be beneficial in the long run. […]

When is it time to remove a tree?

Decaying Tree

Trees are a beloved part of many properties. They provide shade and protection and add to the natural beauty of a home. But at some point for one reason or another, a tree may need to come down. So how can you tell when it is time to remove a tree? Trunk Health Trunk damage […]

3 Ways To Keep Your Trees Healthy

Man pruning tree

The tree doctor knows best! Oftentimes our trees can be overlooked when we are evaluating which of our plants need some love. Check out these tips to better care for your trees! Prune Your Trees Pruning your trees is a great way to keep your trees healthy. When tree branches start crossing or rubbing, or […]

Why you should avoid Lion’s Tail Pruning

What is Lion’s Tail Pruning? Lion’s tail pruning is a method in which all the smaller interior branches and foliage from a tree are removed. When finished, the tree will have only large branches and small sections of leaves. Some homeowners think this method is a good way to make your trees wind resistant. On […]

Our Proposal Process: What to Expect

HOA Tree Care Specialists

At Jones Road Tree Service, one question we are often asked is about how our proposal process works. The process always begins with you! Whether you were curious about your tree’s health after reading one of our blogs, or if you noticed something wrong with your tree, the process will always begin with contacting Jones […]

Identifying Dangerous Trees

Trees that are diseased, rotting, or have other problems can pose a danger to your yard and your property and may need to be removed. Here are some signs of tree hazards that you should be aware of. Leaning trees – Having a little bit of a lean in your tree is normal, but if […]

How to Determine if a Tree Needs Removed

Houston Arborist

Trees can be the perfect addition to any yard, but determining when to remove your tree is not an easy task – that’s why it’s best to have a certified arborist inspect all trees that have signs of needing to be removed. Trees that are diseased, rotting, or have other problems can pose a danger […]

Importance of Looking at Tree Risk

Hurricane season is coming up, and with hurricanes sometimes comes property damage. The key to minimizing property damage is to make sure your trees are prepared to take on a storm. There is no such thing as hurricane resistant trees—but with proper care by an ISA certified Arborist, trees can be more resistant to storm […]

Assessing Tree’s in The Spring

Spring is almost here and we have produced our Jones Road Tree Service spring checklist for services and tasks to help you prepare.  Remember, trees are living things too and need proper care.  Just as you go-to the doctor, a tree should receive care from an ISA certified arborist.   Request a Tree Risk Assessment: […]