Jones Road Tree Service Covid-19 Statement

Dear Customers, We understand that, due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19), many companies are closed or are operating on limited services. Jones Road Tree Service is still open for business – we would like you to know that we are taking the necessary precautions to keep our clients and staff safe. That being said, our ISA […]

Spring Tree Service Checklist

Spring is almost here, and we have produced our Jones Road Tree Service Spring Checklist for services and tasks to help you prepare.  Remember—trees are living things too and need proper care.  Just as you go to the doctor, your trees should receive seasonal care from an ISA certified arborist.  Request a Tree Risk Assessment: […]

Don’t Rake the Leaves!

If your yard is starting to look like the forest floor covered in leaves, do not rake them up, bag them, and set them out for the garbage people. Instead, leave them on the ground or mulch them using your lawnmower. There are many benefits to your lawn and the ecosystem letting leaves decompose naturally […]

Fall Tree Fertilization

Fall is the most crucial period for trees to rejuvenate roots and prepare for the coldest time of the year. With the onset of winter, trees start fabricating a strong network of roots to adapt to the extremities of weather. Fall tree fertilization stimulates root development allowing them to emerge with renewed vitality in the […]

How to Tell if Your Tree Poses a Hazard to Your Property

When a tree is affected by certain external elements, it can become a serious hazard to your property, family, and home. Most often, your tree will send distress signals before toppling over or breaking apart. Below are some of the most common tree hazards to look out for, as well as what you can do […]

My Tree Was Struck By Lightning…Can it Survive?

Lightning is very unpredictable; it can strike the most unanticipated places and cause the most unexpected damage. Trees tend to be regular lightning victims due to their height. Understanding how lightning strikes and how to protect your trees can help keep your worries at bay. When lightning meets something else with an electric charge, it […]

Protecting Your Investment: How to Keep Your Trees Healthy

Mature trees are a valuable asset to any landscape as they take years to establish and become beautiful elements that provide shade and year-round benefit to wildlife. It’s important to keep your trees healthy to invest in the long-term look of your landscape. Follow these steps to ensure that your trees stay healthy and will […]

How Storms Impact Your Trees

While most standard storms do not cause problems to trees, heavy storms can wreak havoc to not only your trees, but also your property. Below are some of the impacts caused by storm events and ways you can respond to a storm. Damaged Limbs and Branches: Damaged limbs and branches present a danger both to […]

What Does an Arborist Look For?

Arborists specialize in pruning, maintaining, and removing trees. They are extremely knowledgeable about the needs of trees and are trained and equipped to provide your trees with the proper care they need. Pruning or removing trees can be dangerous work and should only be completed by a certified arborist. When you hire an arborist, they […]

How to Know if Your Tree Should Be Removed

Trees add beauty to any home. However, if a tree in your yard is unstable, it can be a safety hazard to you and your family. That’s why it’s important to know if a tree needs to be removed. Here are a few warning signs that tree removal may be necessary. Leaning: It’s normal for […]