How Storms Impact Your Trees

While most standard storms do not cause problems to trees, heavy storms can wreak havoc to not only your trees, but also your property. Below are some of the impacts caused by storm events and ways you can respond to a storm.

  • Damaged Limbs and Branches: Damaged limbs and branches present a danger both to people and to the tree itself. If a heavy limb is damaged and still attached to the tree, it can fall off at any moment and injure passersby. It will likely be too dangerous for you to attempt to remove it yourself, so make sure to phone a professional arborist immediately.
  • Broken Limbs and Branches: Broken limbs can also damage the tree by providing an opportunity for infestation. Insects see raw limb openings as an invitation to make their home there, so you’ll need to prune the broken limbs and smooth the openings. If you’re dealing with heavy branches, it will be too risky to try yourself.
  • Top of the Tree Came Off: If the top part of your tree broke off, you’ll need a professional assessment to determine whether the tree will still be able to live or if it should be removed. If most of the tree’s upper part is still intact, it will most likely be salvageable with professional help. You should never top your tree. This is a loud invitation for insects and bacteria to make themselves at home in your tree and will spell its death sentence.

Instead of trying to tackle the situation on your own, you should invest in a tree service. Our team of professionals at Jones Road Tree Service will be able to do the following:

  • Remove Fallen Trees: Trees that fell during the storm can be removed safely and efficiently by professionals. It is the most reliable method because you avoid risking injury by not knowing how to handle the dangerous situation.
  • Inspect the Property: While you might think that the fallen trees are the main concern, there could be other problems that have arisen because of the storm that a professional may notice.
  • Make Suggestions: A professional can inspect your property and make suggestions on how to proceed after the storm. You many need complete removal, or just some repairs. Whatever the case may be, a certified arborist will be able to suggest the best plan of action.

For more information on how you can protect your trees from storm damage, please contact Jones Road Tree Service today.