My Tree Was Struck By Lightning…Can it Survive?

Lightning is very unpredictable; it can strike the most unanticipated places and cause the most unexpected damage. Trees tend to be regular lightning victims due to their height. Understanding how lightning strikes and how to protect your trees can help keep your worries at bay.

When lightning meets something else with an electric charge, it will create a strike. These strikes are very dangerous, and even deadly. Lightning bolts can generate temperatures hotter than the sun. Considering these facts, just imagine what a lightning strike can do to a tree. There are many factors that will determine how the tree will handle the strike, such as the type of tree, the health of the tree, the moisture level of the tree, and how intense the strike is. Lightning strikes can easily split trees, set them on fire, or damage them to the point of no repair.

Whatever amount of damage you see on a tree after lightning strikes, remember that the tree has been severely stressed, so knowing how to save a tree struck by lightning is important. There is no guarantee of success when you begin repairing lightning damaged trees; however, it is possible in some cases. When trees undergo the stress of being hit by lightning, they require additional nutrients to heal and recover. The first step in overcoming lightning damage in trees is to give the trees generous amounts of water. They can take up supplemental nutrients with supplemental irrigation. When you are repairing lightning damaged trees, give them fertilizer to encourage new growth. Another way to start repairing lightning damaged trees is to prune out broken branches and torn wood. Don’t do extensive pruning until a year has passed so that you can assess the actual damage done.

The first step to take after your tree is struck by lightning is to inspect the damage caused by the lightning. The experts at Jones Road Tree Service will estimate how far this damage spread and determine if you need tree removal or not. So, if your tree gets hit by lightning and suffers from damage, make sure to contact our team right away to assess the damages.