Trees That Thrive in Texas

Trees add such a wonderful aesthetic to your property, and can even help reduce energy costs and improve your home’s value. But, which trees are best suited for the extreme heat and dry conditions we often experience here in Texas?

Many homeowners aren’t sure which trees will thrive and survive in their yard. We’ve detailed below a list of the most common and fastest growing trees that are native to Texas.

Live Oak
Live oaks are the most commonly planted native trees in Texas. They can grow up to 50 feet tall and their limbs can spread out up to 100 feet reaching the ground in all directions. Their massive canopy creates shade against our Texas heat, and their wood is very hard, making the tree easy to protect itself when external factors arise. Live oaks can live for more than 100 years, so take this into consideration when you’re looking into which trees to add to your property. You might already have a few in your front and back yard!

Cedar Elm
Cedar elms are almost as popular as live oaks in Texas. Cedar elms have smaller leaves and thicker cuticles, which help them survive in hot, dry climates. Cedar elms are an ideal tree to plant in our area because they are drought-tolerant and cast a nice shade to fight the heat of the sun.

Adding this magnificent tree to any landscape is a southern tradition. Magnolias have large, glossy leaves and beautiful, fragrant, white flowers that can stay in bloom for up to six months. Magnolias can grow up to 70 feet tall and prefer a lot of sun, which isn’t an issue in our area of southeastern Texas.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about which trees to add to your landscape, the experts at Jones Road Tree Service are knowledgeable in all things tree care and landscape related! We can help assess your lawn to determine which trees would be the best fit for your desires. Give us a call today!