New Tree Planting

New Tree Planting in Houston, TX

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Whether you are replacing existing trees or adding new trees to your landscape, Jones Road Tree Service offers new tree planting services for a variety of species suitable to the Houston area. We work with reputable local nurseries and provide turnkey tree plantings. Some of our popular new tree plantings include red oak, magnolia, live oak, maple, Mexican fan palm, and queen palm trees.

When planting new trees, it is important to remember that soil characteristics including soil structure, water holding capacity and water/air/nutrient availability, greatly affect each tree species differently. We highly recommend checking the soil’s pH, salinity, nutrients and drainage prior to planting new trees in order to select the proper tree for the project.

We follow industry standards and species specific guidelines when planting new trees.  In order for a new tree to establish and thrive, its roots must have access to oxygen and water in properly drained soil. In general, best practice is to dig a wide hole, at least three times the diameter of the root ball, and no deeper than the root ball.  We typically place the root ball 2 to 3 inches above the surrounding grade to compensate for settling  and properly establish the trunk flare.  Special care must be taken to prepare clay heavy soil to prevent glazing where the smooth sides of the hole trap moisture and prevent proper drainage.

If you are interested in planting a new tree or learing more about trees that are suitable to our area, please contact Jones Road Tree Service today by filling out our online Tree Services form or call us at 281-469-0458.