Deep Root Fertilization

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Deep Root Fertilization in Houston, TX

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What are the benefits of deep root fertilization?

The process of deep root fertilization delivers minerals and nutrients straight to the soil where they can be absorbed by tree roots. As part of a managed tree care health plan, deep root fertilization can improve your tree's resistance to drought, disease and insects boosting your trees' health and longevity.

Why do I need deep root fertilization?

Trees in our urban environment compete with shrubs and turf grasses for the nutrients they need to withstand seasonal weather effects including drought, extreme moisture and temperature swings. In addition, soil compaction and nutrient depletion leave our trees nutrient deficient and vulnerable to disease. Deep root fertilization can help our trees thrive and overcome stresses from the weather and our urban environment.

How our fertilization program works

Your deep root fertilization program begins with a full evaluation and assessment of your trees by our certified arborist. Typical fertilization plans include multiple deep root feedings each year with strategic placement to reach the roots where tree roots actively feed. Our certified arborists work carefully to ensure that the deep root feeding applications are timed and placed for your trees' optimal health benefit.