Plant A Legacy

What is a Plant Legacy and How You Can Help

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Jones Road Tree Service believes in preserving the urban forest of greater Houston and has established the Plant A Legacy campaign to contribute to this effort. Trees provide beauty and shade to our metropolitan area and give us relaxing, recreational areas in parks and neighborhoods. But perhaps most importantly, trees play a critical role in the environment helping to cool the heat island effect that occurs in large sprawling metropolitan areas like Houston.

We seek to achieve the following through Plant A Legacy:

1) Education – Educate people of all ages about the importance of trees and the urban forest we live in
2) Planning – Work with our leaders today to plan for the inclusion of trees in our communities now and in the future
3) Preservation – Save, promote and preserve healthy trees for Houston’s urban forest

How You Can Help Plant a Legacy?

Getting involved is easy and we ask that you consider making a donation on paying your next tree service invoice. When you contribute to the urban forest campaign, Jones Road Tree Service will match your contribution and donate all proceeds to the Tree Fund and Trees for Houston.

If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.