Stump Grinding

Stump Removal in Houston, TX

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Stump grinding is the safest and most effective way to remove a tree stump. We normally grind stumps 3 to 6 inches below the ground surface and also cut away any visible surface roots.

You may be asking yourself, why do I need to remove a stump? Or perhaps you’re even considering leaving it in your yard to decompose naturally.  There are several reasons to remove tree stumps as quickly as possible after a tree is cut down.

First, stumps and decaying roots pose hazards for humans and pets. After a tree is cut down, its roots will soon stop growing and eventually decompose in the soil.  As the roots decay, voids will be created resulting in soft spots in the ground.  These areas can create holes for humans to step into and fall.  Stump Grinding is especially important to remove stumps if the tree was located in a backyard or play area.

Second, decomposing roots can have a negative impact on new trees or bushes planted in the area after a tree is removed.  In particular, if a tree was diseased prior to removal, it is important to remove as much of the tree’s organic material as possible from the soil prior to planting any new trees or shrubs in the same area.

Third, if you are planning to build a new house or home addition in an area where a tree was recently growing, the stump and roots must be removed prior to foundation placement.  Decomposing roots will weaken the ground and could cause a foundation failure.  In addition, fresh wood in the ground attracts termites and should be removed to protect your improvements.

Lastly, decaying stumps are unsightly. Stump Grinding will greatly improve the aesthetics of your yard and landscape for years to come.

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