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How to Determine if a Tree Needs Removed

Trees can be the perfect addition to any yard, but determining when to remove your tree is not an easy task – that’s why it’s best to have a certified arborist inspect all trees that have signs of needing to be removed. Trees that are diseased, rotting, or have other problems can pose a danger to your yard and your property and usually need to be removed. Here are some signs that your tree needs to be removed:

  • Leaning trees – Having a little bit of a lean in your tree is normal, but if your tree looks like it’s about to fall over then it means your tree has a poor weight distribution pulling it to one side. Leaning trees can be very dangerous and cause property damage if there is severe weather. If there are exposed roots around the tree or cracked soil on the side opposite of the lean, then your tree may be a danger to your property. Contact our certified arborist if you have any concern about leaning trees.


  • Compromised Trunks – Sometimes tree trunks can be the most important sign of a failing tree. If you have a tree with a trunk that is cracked, damaged or missing big chunks of bark, this could mean that that the tree is becoming a property hazard. V-shaped or U-shaped multiple trunks are a danger sign for trees. The wood where the trunks come together could weaken and split with age and when storms occur.


  • Damaged Trees – Sometimes there will be unavoidable damage done to your trees through severe weather from thunderstorms and winter storms. These storms have the potential to do fatal damage to your trees – usually from lightning strikes. Other sources of damage are animals or motor vehicles.


  • Mushrooms – Typically mushrooms only grow in areas where decay is present. Mushrooms will also produce more decay to trees as they grow. Thus, the presence of mushrooms likely means you have a decaying or diseased tree, and the problem is only going to get worse until the tree is removed.

  • Encroaching Trees – When you first plant a tree, the location may seem perfect at the time. However, as trees grow and new structures are built in the area, a tree may no longer be in an ideal spot. Roots of nearby trees can be disturbed by the foundation of buildings. In addition, growing branches may interfere with power lines or other utilities. Trees that cause these kinds of problems are often removed due to the hazards they present.

If any of these items apply to a tree on your property, then you should contact an ISA Certified Arborist to look at your tree. Our Arborist at Jones Road Tree Service will assess your tree, and if saving it is not possible, recommend a plan to remove the tree in the safest way possible. If you have a damaged or dead tree, it is best to have it removed to avoid any possible damage to your property.