Plant Health Care

Just like us, our trees need an annual checkup with the doctor (better known as an arborist!). Plant health care is the holistic approach to tree care that focuses on developing and maintaining healthy plants, so they become less susceptible to diseases and pests. When they are properly cared for each season, our trees will grow healthier and can better withstand difficult problems when they arise.

One of the greatest benefits of plant health care is its proactive approach to problem solving. Proactively maintaining your trees is ultimately less expensive than paying to treat a problem that already exists. The purpose of plant health care is to keep your trees healthy so they can avoid entering into a stage of their life that they cannot recover from.

For effective, long-term landscape care, the experts at Jones Road Tree Service recommend a plant health care program that ensures your trees are healthy from the get-go. Jones Road Tree Service has a certified arborist on staff to assist our clients with the health of their trees and lawn at all stages of life. We can send our arborist to your location to discuss tree health care options including deep root fertilization, air spading to reduce soil compaction, and the safe use of pesticides and fungicides.

Typically, during each visit, our professional arborist will inspect all of the trees and shrubs, locate any conditions or problems, and treat them as necessary. Certain methods during their process may include:

  • Inspecting leaves for pests or diseases
  • Treating the pest or disease problem early, if it is detected
  • Addressing the compacted soil health

At the end of that visit, our arborist will leave a detailed report of exactly what was treated and for which conditions.

If you’d like to speak with a professional arborist regarding the health of your trees and plants, give Jones Road Tree Service a call today!