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Tips from the Tree Care Industry Association. Tree Care Tips provides homeowners with information on caring for trees and landscapes. Learn more about enhancing your greenspace in the urban forest.

No Tree Topping

Tree topping is an unacceptable pruning practice and should be avoided at all costs. It not only makes trees unsightly but also creates hazards.

No Weed and Feed on Lawns

Weed and feed products contain many chemicals that are no only harmful to you but also your lawn and your trees.

No Volcano Mulching

Mulch wide, not deep! Volcano mulching is a common yet harmful practice that leads to poor drainage, root rot and, at the very least, poor root growth.

Be Careful with Automatic Sprinklers

Improper sprinker head placement and overwatering causes the 2×4 effect. In short, if you put a 2×4 in the ground, eventually it will rot out.