The Dos and Don’ts of Tree Care

It’s finally spring time! As a homeowner, you may be beginning to envision planting trees to enhance the aesthetic of your yard. However, planting a tree isn’t as simple as digging a hole. Trees require special care so they can stay healthy all year long without posing a hazard to people or animals. Proper tree care will also result in your trees looking beautiful, full, and alive. However, it’s important to remember that tree care is a year-round responsibility to ensure your trees are healthy and happy. If you don’t have the time to properly maintain your trees, our team of certified arborists here at Jones Road Tree Service would be happy to help! Here are some important dos and don’ts in tree care:

  • Do mulch your trees: A layer of mulch keeps the soil around your trees moist. It also protects the tree roots from freezing during the winter and helps them retain moisture during the summer. It’s one of the most important things you can do for the health of your tree. The general recommended mulching depth is 2 to 4 inches and it should be placed out to the edge of a tree’s crown or beyond. This will help maintain stable soil temperature around your tree and help reduce weed growth. It’s important to not cover the base of the tree’s trunk with mulch because it will hold moisture there and cause the trunk to rot.
  • Don’t overwater your trees: Proper watering is extremely important for a thriving tree, but don’t go overboard with watering. This can sometimes be difficult to analyze, but don’t fret you can always give us a call to ask one of our tree experts! Ideally, you should only water your trees after a few days of hot weather, or if it hasn’t rained in a few weeks. Overwatering can drown the tree and put it in danger of pest invasion and root rot.
  • Do prune your trees: Proper tree pruning encourages strong growth of your trees limbs, increases flower production, and removes damaged limbs making your tree aesthetically pleasing. Spring is a great time to prune your trees because it stimulates growth during the warmer months. However, be mindful of how often you’re pruning your trees. This should not be done every season of the year.
  • Don’t plant trees too close to each other: A tree’s root system is extensive and can be enormous. Placing a tree in close proximity to another tree could possibly disrupt healthy root growth. Trees need their roots to grow large and healthy to preserve their stability. It’s also important to be mindful of what species of tree you’re planting. You want to plant trees that are native to our warmer Texas climate, or else you won’t have much luck caring for a tree that’s unaccustomed to our local climate.

Do give us a call! Tree services exist for a reason, and if you have a large tree that needs to be removed or a tree that looks sick, call us at (281) 469-0458. We will safely remove your trees with the necessary equipment and the proper strategies to keep your yard looking beautiful!