Man pruning tree

3 Ways To Keep Your Trees Healthy

The tree doctor knows best! Oftentimes our trees can be overlooked when we are evaluating which of our plants need some love. Check out these tips to better care for your trees!

Prune Your Trees

Pruning your trees is a great way to keep your trees healthy. When tree branches start crossing or rubbing, or when they start popping up little sprouts, it’s time to do some pruning. The important thing to remember when pruning is to avoid tree topping and lion’s tail pruning. These techniques often hurt the tree more than help. Finding a professional who can prune your trees is your safest option because of the complex tree anatomy knowledge needed to properly trim your trees.

Fertilize Your Trees

Trees, like any other plant, need to be fertilized. Fertilization while the tree is still growing is essential in keeping it healthy and strong. The type of fertilizer used differs based on region, but most good fertilizers contain nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as other nutrients that the soil in that particular area is lacking. The best time to fertilize is during late spring and in the fall. Fertilizer can go directly on the soil or mulch. Fertilizing your trees is a great way to keep them strong and healthy.

Mulch Your Trees

Mulching is a very common practice amongst proud tree parents. Mulching has many benefits. It helps to maintain moisture and protect your trees from disease and pests if done properly. Proper mulching should be no more than four inches deep and extend from the root flare to the drip-line. The biggest thing to remember when mulching is to avoid volcano mulching. Volcano mulching occurs when a mound of mulch that is more than four inches deep and extends to the trunk of the tree, covering the root flare. When in doubt how much mulch to use, just remember to go out, not up.

Trees are complex and proper tree care requires an understanding of tree anatomy. Most tree services offer a variety of advice and services that are great for tree health. Professionals will do pruning and many places have arborists on staff to aid in health issues that your trees may be facing. If you are in need of any services such as pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, tree planting, tree preservation, emergency tree services, or help with tree health, contact us at Jones Road Tree Services!