How to Know if Your Tree Should Be Removed

Trees add beauty to any home. However, if a tree in your yard is unstable, it can be a safety hazard to you and your family. That’s why it’s important to know if a tree needs to be removed. Here are a few warning signs that tree removal may be necessary.

  • Leaning: It’s normal for a tree to lean slightly. However, if it’s leaning at a sharp angle, the tree may be unstable and should be removed. If you notice exposed roots heaving soil around the tree, it’s a warning sign. A certified arborist can brace the tree trunk and prune the branches to make the tree more stable, or remove the tree if necessary.
  • Disease: Not only is a diseased tree at risk of falling, but the disease can spread to other trees in your yard. Look for the following signs of disease:
    • Weak branches
    • Branches frequently falling off
    • Rotting roots
    • Large cracks in the trunk
    • Areas with missing bark, or “tree cankers”
    • Discolored leaves
    • Fungi growing around the base of the tree’s trunk
    • The Roots Have Invaded: Roots can invade sewer lines, damage foundations, and create a mess in your yard. The only way to remove problematic roots is to also remove the tree that is growing them.
  • Overhanging Branches: A tree might need to be removed if branches are overhanging over your yard. It’s possible for the branches to break during a storm and damage your roof. Small branches might be able to be pruned without taking down the whole tree. If the overhanging branches are too large, the tree will need to be removed.

It will cause much less stress to remove a tree before it has the chance to fall and cause damage to your property, or your neighbors. Jones Road Tree Service offers professional tree removal services conducted by our certified arborists on staff. If we can help with any of your tree care needs give us a call today!

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