The Importance of Proactive Tree Care on Your Property

As a property owner, you have the responsibility of keeping your trees healthy throughout all seasons. Proactive tree care is essential for the ongoing health of your trees. Trees in urban areas require special care because they are under increased stress due to their surroundings. An aging tree will gradually weaken due to decay and general decline, so it’s important to proactively get it checked by a certified arborist. Improper use of lawn equipment, sprinklers, fertilizers, pesticides and mulch can cause damage to trees and cause problems like pests and decay. Proactive tree care can help prevent any problems with the health and longevity of your trees.

Proactive tree care is important because it keeps all the trees on your property healthy and keeps everyone who walks on your property safe. You should hire a professional tree care expert who can monitor the trees in your yard on a regular basis. Tree care experts look for potential problems that can put trees at risk like diseases, decay, or dead tree branches. You want to hire a professional because they have experience recognizing problems and resolving them before the issue becomes more serious.

Tree pruning is a common practice tree care experts use to make sure trees stay healthy. Pruning is done to remove weak, diseased, or dead branches from your trees to make sure they don’t fall on your property. Pruning also helps improve air movement and light penetration throughout the tree. Pruning trees can be dangerous and it involves special equipment, so contact us at Jones Road Tree Service LLC to ensure your safety, and that of your tree.

There are many benefits of proactive tree care. One benefit is that healthy trees improve the appearance of your landscape. A well-maintained landscape can increase your property’s value. Of course, the most important benefit of proactive tree care is that it reduces safety hazards. A strong storm or gust of wind can cause a weak or damaged tree to topple over and cause damage to your home or possible injury to your family. Having your trees properly pruned and maintained each year will protect your home and loved ones from potential damage, and it will ensure the best possible growing conditions for your trees while keeping them structurally sound.

At Jones Road Tree Service LLC, we always have a certified arborist on staff to assist our clients with the health of trees at all stages. We can send our arborist to your location to discuss tree health care options including deep root fertilization, air spading to reduce soil compaction and the safe use of pesticides and fungicides. We will tailor plans to suit your individual property, providing recommendations and information that address your specific concerns and budget. The results are beautiful: healthy trees that will last for generations!

For more information on how Jones Road Tree Service LLC can help property owners, please contact us at 281-469-0458.