Jones Road Tree Service Has Become Nationally Accredited by the TCIA

Because tree trimming is dangerous work, most homeowners wisely leave tree trimming and tree removals to qualified professionals. But what makes one tree service more qualified than another? Are all tree care professionals qualified to do your work?

Not all tree care companies are fully qualified to do your work. It is your job as the homeowner to find a tree service that is adequately insured, adheres to safety standards, has a knowledge of arboriculture and is accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association, America’s oldest and most respected tree care trade association. TCIA accreditation is a consumer confidence program administered by the Tree Care Industry Association, America’s oldest and most respected tree care trade association.

The TCIA Accreditation program is built on the threefold foundation of ethics, quality, and consumer confidence. This program is a voluntary program that qualifies companies meeting strict criteria for professionalism, employee, training, state and federal safety regulations, business ethics, and customer satisfaction. To become TCIA accredited, Jones Road Tree Service underwent an extensive review of our process and a comprehensive audit of professional and business practices aimed at safeguarding consumers. Accreditation is the only business practices and compliance audit program for tree care companies in America. So, as you’re researching tree care companies on Google, Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor, keep in mind that many of the companies included in these resources are not TCIA accredited.

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I care if my tree company is accredited and what does accreditation mean to the average client?” Accredited Tree Care Companies should be the choice of anyone seeking tree care for many different reasons.

First, Accredited companies are required to prune to the ANSI A300 national standards for tree care maintenance. All of our estimates come with detailed, technical work specifications that detail what work is to be done and terms and conditions.

Second, Accredited companies are required to provide documented proof in many areas that provide consumer protection. All sales personnel must be, at minimum, a Tree Care Specialist credential holder. This training includes tree biology, pruning standards, transplanting, tree disease and injury diagnosis, construction injury prevention, safety, soil science, and disease and pest control.

Third, Accredited companies are required to have high levels of insurance as well as all applicable licenses.

To the average client, this means that they can count on their trees being properly pruned to ensure healthy trees in the future. They can also count on a professional and ethical company that stands behind their work.

Accreditation is just another step in the mission of Jones Road Tree Service to become “Houston’s Premier Tree Service Company” as we help inspire future leaders in our industry.